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The Body in the Boudoir (Faith Fairchild Series #20)

The Body in the Boudoir: A Faith Fairchild Mystery - Katherine Hall Page I think I've read every one in this series, and this latest did not disappoint. It's a "cozy" fast read, yet very well written. The author obviously knows New York City and I loved reading about familiar places, albeit the tony, upscale ones. The lone exception to "beautiful New York" was the subway platform - a very scary scene takes place there.

I was sure I knew who the killer was about two-thirds of the way through the book, but once again, the author fooled me and I was stunned at the ending. The action scenes are vivid and scary, and the tender moments between Faith and her sister and mother, as well as with her fiance, Tom, are sweet and heartwarming. This is one heroine you will root for all the way through, and eagerly anticipate her next adventure.

The books always come with recipes from the story, and this one is all about a wedding, so you'll get directions to make Strawberries Romanoff and other delights.