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The Secret Keeper: A Novel

The Secret Keeper - Kate Morton Loved, loved, loved it. As a writer, I more and more read with a critical eye, or to see how the author manages plot, develops characters and tells a story that holds my interest. After the first fifty pages of The Secret Keeper, I suspended all that. It's a wonderful, moving, suspenseful love story, a step back in time, about a country I love. At first, I thought the author could have used a better editor: she says the same thing three times in the same sentence, in different words. But she says it so well, I didn't care anymore. It felt good just to read those three different ways to say the same thing. ;-)

What's it about? World War II, love and betrayal, family, motherhood. Losing and finding one's moral compass. Redemption.

This was my first book by Kate Morton. I'm going to read the rest, but I'll wait till I have hours to devote to reading. If they are anything like The Secret Keeper, I'm going to be occupied...or maybe the word is obsessed...or, as Morton might say, "occupied, obsessed and devoted" to her stories to the exclusion of most of the rest of my life for the duration.